“Hello, and welcome to David Garratt’s website. David is an interesting specimen of Artist. He wants us all to look at our culture and analyse it. Why are some cultures deemed more worthy than others? Why is Kerry Katona laughed at whilst people swoon at the feet of Caravaggio? He makes art that encourages people to perform actions like a hug or a smile. He does a lot of mail art and even a little bit of painting. The saying ‘Jack of all trades, master of none,’ fits him like a dream.

He was born in 1983 in a mining town called Chesterfield, smack bang in the middle of England. He made his art debut on BBC TV when he was 8 after a drawing he did of Albert the 5th Musketeer was held up in front of the camera. He thinks he is funny and tries to put his sense of humour into his work. At first glance his work looks whimsical but when you scratch the surface you find a man serious about how culture and relationships affect us all.

He also makes badges with his badge maker and gives a lot of work away for free. He believes that his art should be owned by the rich and the poor alike. David’s work has been shown by galleries and organisations both nationally and internationally and he invites both small and big commissions. Just send him an
e-mail if you have a question or want to get involved.

Now get a cup of tea and a biscuit and delve into his world and his work, introduced by his celebrity friends. Enjoy”.